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Barangay 143 バランガイ143


Barangay 143

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· The first ever Filipino anime series inspired by the country’s love for basketball!

· Aired from October 2018 at GMA 7 in the Philippines!

· A totally new collaboration between Japan, South Korea, USA, Malaysia, and Singapore with an all-star Filipino voice cast. (English scripts available)

When you love something, there’s nothing that can keep you away from it!

At 18, Bren T. Park is already a rising superstar in the world of Korean Basketball, but on the night of the biggest game of his career, his entire family perishes in an accident. This devastating blow brings him to Manila, in the Philippines in search of his father and a new life away from basketball. However, lost and desperate for answers in this foreign land, he finds a group of Filipinos playing their hearts out in street basketball, slowly changing not only his feelings towards the sport, but also his identity as a grown-up man. 

It's a globally diversified story about love, family, and never giving up.

Production Year
2018 -
Male / 20-34
Female / 20-34
Duration & Episodes
Approx 22 min × 26 episodes

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