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Shin chan Spin-offs vol.1-4 クレヨンしんちゃん外伝


Shin chan Spin-offs vol.1-4

© 1990 USUI YOSHITO / © 1992-2023 SHIN-EI & TV Asahi / All rights reserved.

An original spin-off anime created in celebration of Shin chan's 25th anniversary of its TV series. 

The 4 series have unique settings and unimaginable storylines that go beyond the Nohara Family’s daily life.

A thriller suspense in outer space? A dark fantasy with monsters and toys?

Not only fans of Shin chan, but first-timers and adults are sure to laugh and enjoy this “Upscaled” Shin chan series.

vol.1 Aliens vs. Shinnosuke

"What if Shinnosuke encountered aliens in a drifting spaceship?" A locked-room mystery set in space unfolds for the first time in the Shin chan series! Shinnosuke Nohara and his family wake up from hibernation in an unfamiliar spaceship with strangers. Who put them on the ship and what for? Will Shinnosuke and the others be able to return safely to Earth?

vol.2 Toy Wars

Obaan was the villain in a hit TV show who used to be popular. But the craze passed and all of her merchandise was discarded. One day, lightening strikes an Obaan action figure and it comes to life. She and the other toys vow to get their revenge on the humans who threw them away. The battle between the Kasukabe Guard and the toys begins!

vol.3 Lone Wolf with Family       

Hiroshinosuke Nohara, aka "Lone Wolf with Family," is the master of Nohara style butt swordplay. He travels with his family looking for work. The Noharas encounter a mysterious girl named Hazumi along the way, and assassins start coming after them for some reason. A swashbuckling hero and son fight to save a prefecture from an evil lord!

vol.4 Oh Oh Oh no Shinnosuke

Strange incidents occur in a small rural town. Monster boy, Oh Oh Oh no Shinnosuke, and his father, Daddy Little Balls, pass through in search of Big Butt Momma, the wife and mother of the family. Shinnosuke saves a girl, Fumie, being attacked by a mysterious monster. This was the beginning of the epic case of a string of monster-related problems that would ravage the town.

Production Year
2016 -
Child / Kids
Duration & Episodes
8min × 4 Series, 13 episodes each

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