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Ossan's Love おっさんずラブ


Ossan's Love おっさんずラブ

A pure love comedy that will have you cheering for a mans love for a man.

Haruta is in his 30s and desperately seeking true love. In no way did he ever suspect that his gallant married boss at the real estate agency, Kurosawa, was secretly in love with him! And to complicate things, Maki, his handsome colleague and roommate suddenly kisses him in the shower and confesses his love for Haruta, too...!

“Dear God, this is a bit different from the kind or love I want..., bemoans Haruta, but being a nice guy he cannot hurt their feelings and becomes involved in an intricate love battle that he never imagined. He finds out that boss Kurosawa has asked his wife for a divorce. Maki will stop at nothing to gain Harutas affection.

Haruta surprisingly finds himself thinking often of these two men and their pure love for him perhaps it is unconventional under typical circumstances, but what is a typical circumstance? What does it mean to love someone? A delightful love story that defies many common values and makes you want to love someone!

Kei Tanaka (田中圭)
Kento Hayashi (林遣都)
Rio Uchida (内田理央)
Daichi Kaneko (金子大地)
Shuko Ito (伊藤修子)
Kazuya Kojima (児嶋一哉)
Hidekazu Mashima (眞島秀和)
Nene Otsuka (大塚寧々)
Koutarou Yoshida (吉田鋼太郎)
Scenario Writer
Koji Tokuo (徳尾浩司)
Production Year
2018/04 -
Prime Time
Male / 20-34
Male / 35-49
Female / 20-34
Female /35-49
Duration & Episodes
54min×7ep (2018)
Official site (Japanese)

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