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Family Fortune War 遺産争族


Family Fortune War,遺産争族

This modern family comedy drama explores topics of marriage and family through the touchy issue of “family inheritance.”

A medical residency, Ikuo marries a daughter of a big and rich family and lives in the mansion with them.  He soon finds out that the family has already started to fight over the rich patriarch's inheritance. 

Ryutaro, Ikuo's father in law, is a founder of a family-owned company that has US$1 billion in assets.  He has three daughters who have the right to inherit equally from him, but it is up to him to decide how much goes to who.  The family members are so greedy, Ryutaro decides to leave all of his assets to Ikuo, who is indifferent to power and wealth.

But the family members continue to fight for the inheritance by playing tricks on each other and charming themselves into the good graces of their wealthy father.  Ryutaro changes his will several times, and the family is always at his mercy!  Finally, Ryutaro confesses that his only desire is to be loved by his family as he is lonely.  And he declares he will equally split his assets among everyone.

However, the family’s house sets on fire!  All of their property except a tin can is burned to ashes and the family falls into debt because they have no insurance.  Everyone realizes family ties are more important than money.  The family finds a mysterious key in the tin can, and assumes it is Ryutaro’s hidden fortune.  It looks like the key will become the beginning of a new family contention...!

Osamu Mukai (向井理)
Nana Eikura (榮倉奈々)
Scenario Writer
Yumiko Inoue (井上由美子)
Production Year
2015/10 -
Prime Time
Male / 20-34
Male / 35-49
Male / 50~
Female / 20-34
Female /35-49
Female /50~
Duration & Episodes
69min × 1ep, 54min × 8ep (2015)

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