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Fund My Fantasy 妄想会計


Do you have a secret dream that you wish would come true?

In the show, the host presents the ‘dream of the week’ collected from the general public. Two teams lead by celebrities introduce potential companies and entities who has the experience and ability to make the ‘seemingly impossible dreams’ come into reality. 

The dream scale varies from large to small, with the larger dream being an elevator ride that takes you to outer space, invite superstar to my birthday party and have them sing a birthday song just for me and the smaller dream being eating the world's largest pizza, or enjoying the Disneyland all for themselves without anyone. The show follows the actual scenes of the serious internal meetings, discussions and experiments to find the ultimate solution to the given task. At the end, each team reaches an ‘estimated cost’ to realize the dream plan in which three judges in the studio decide the best presented plan based on its feasibility and cost. The team with the most votes is awarded with the cash prize!

This is the first step to your wildest fantasy!!

Genre: Enfotainment

Production Year
2022/10 -
Duration & Episodes

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