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Emergency Interrogation Room 緊急取調室


Emergency Interrogation Room,緊急取調室

Yukiko Makabe was a senior officer on the Special Investigations Team, but was reassigned after she took responsibility for a failed bus hijacking case.

She was transferred to the Department of Grill Room Investigation, which was headed by Katsutoshi Kajiyama, a person she did not get along with very well. Since the department was responsible for conducting important investigations, only the best made it into the group.

Surrounded by veteran investigators with unique personalities, Yukiko starts her new career. Her job will be to uncover the hidden truths by interrogating suspects that are far from ordinary.

The Grill Room is the “last battlefront” for the investigator and suspect. This is a new police drama that focuses on the battlefront behind closed doors, where there are no guns and weapons, only humans in the flesh, struggling for victory.

Yuki Amami (天海祐希)
Tetsushi Tanaka (田中哲司)
Mocomichi Hayami (速水もこみち)
Production Year
2014/01 -
Prime Time
Weekly / Special
Male / 20-34
Male / 35-49
Male / 50~
Female / 20-34
Female /35-49
Female /50~
Duration & Episodes
38 episodes
SEASON 1: 54min x 8eps, 69min x 1ep (2014)
SPECIAL: 130min (2015)
SEASON 2: 54min x 7eps, 69min x 2eps (2017)
SEASON 3: 54min x 7eps, 69min x 3eps (2019)
SEASON 4: 64min× 3eps, 54min × 6eps (2021)
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