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Outsider Cops 警視庁アウトサイダー


©Miaki KATO/KADOKAWA/tv asahi

The trio of "a yakuza-looking detective," "a rookie female detective who chose the police force as a stable job," and "a young ace detective who looks fresh but harbors a big secret" work together to solve the cases that occur in each episode. The story then unfolds into an epic revenge drama as they use each other to uncover the past that each has carried with them.
Kosuke Hasumi, an ace detective at the Sakura-machi Central Police Station of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department, is partnered with Eiji Kagawa, a detective who was transferred from the Organized Crime Division, commonly known as "Marubo". Hasumi is bewildered by the gangster-like Kagawa in appearance and behavior, but one day, while investigating together, Hasumi learns of a serious secret from Kagawa who wants to regain the trust to return to Marubo, so he presses Hasumi to "cooperate with him in scoring points in exchange for keeping the secret quiet. On the other hand, Kosuke, who wants to achieve a certain goal, accepts. The investigation of "secret" leads to the start of a buddy-buddy investigation!

Hidetoshi Nishijima (西島秀俊)
Gaku Hamada (濱田岳)
Moka Kamishiraishi (上白石萌歌)
Ainosuke Kataoka (片岡愛之助)
Takumi Saito (斎藤工)
Production Year
2023/01 -
Prime Time
Male / 20-34
Male / 35-49
Male / 50~
Female / 20-34
Female /35-49
Female /50~
Duration & Episodes
60min×2, 54min×7
Official site (Japanese)

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