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Hayabusa Fire Brigade ハヤブサ消防団


©Jun Ikeido. Hayabusa Shouboudan /tv asahi

Having given up on life in Tokyo, a novel writer, Taro Mima moved to the Hayabusa district of Yaoyorozu Town in the mountains. There is a house, 'Sakura Yashiki' left to him by his late father, and Taro enjoys his life in the great outdoors. One day, he is invited by the community chairman to a local drinking party, where he is encouraged to join the 'fire brigade'. A few days later, during the fire brigade's initiation and dismissal ceremony, a siren suddenly rings out. A fire breaks out in the Hayabusa area. The fire brigade's desperate efforts to extinguish the blaze result in no injuries, but the incident leads to a serial arson case and then a murder case...
A number of suspicious characters appear one after another, including Aya Tachiki, a beautiful woman who is a video creator, and approaches Taro; Enishi, the priest of Zuimyoji Temple, who for some reason is very wealthy; Muraoka, the mayor of Yaoyorozu Town, who is strangely hostile towards the Hayabusa area; and Manabe, a solar panel salesman.

Tomoya Nakamura (中村倫也)
Haruna Kawaguchi (川口春奈)
Shinnosuke Mitsushima (満島真之介)
Yuta Furukawa (古川雄大)
Katsuhisa Namase (生瀬勝久)
Production Year
2023/07 -
Male / 20-34
Male / 35-49
Male / 50~
Female / 20-34
Female /35-49
Female /50~
Duration & Episodes
60min×1, 54min×8
Official site (Japanese)

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