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We are medical Interns 泣くな研修医


©️tv asahi/MMJ

To the young people who are struggling to live and hurt by their own helplessness, this is a series for them!

After graduating from a local medical school, Amano moved to Tokyo and started his internship at a general hospital. He feels completely at loss as he does not have a clue and cannot accomplish anything. However, the patients keep pouring in. Even though they are doctors, interns have not enough knowledge, no experience, and are still nobody. In the face of the injured and sometimes unsalvageable patients, they are overwhelmed by the reality of their helplessness, struggle and shed tears many times, but they do not lose their strong desire and enthusiasm for the profession of doctor.
The series is about Amano’s growth together with his fellow interns.

Alan Shirahama (白濱亜嵐)
Haruka Kinami (木南晴夏)
Shuhei Nomura (野村周平)
Tokio Emoto (柄本時生)
Yuri Tsunematsu (恒松祐里)
Tomomitsu Yamaguchi (山口智充)
Kazuya Takahashi (高橋和也)
Production Year
2021/04 -
Duration & Episodes
60 min.
Official site (Japanese)

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